Wearing the flag

This post is part of the Australia Day Synchroblog. Australia Day means many things to Australians. For most, it’s a public holiday that marks the end of the holiday season. Christmas and New Year are distant memories and the kids will return to school in the next week or so. Over the years a fewContinue reading “Wearing the flag”

Studying for the right test

A few days ago I mentioned an ongoing discussion I was having on a mailing list with regards to public versus Christian schooling. As so often happens, that conversation ran its course, but several others popped up in the meantime. We had a creationism vs evolution debate, a thread about whether or not Barack ObamaContinue reading “Studying for the right test”

Should Christians send their kids to non-Christian schools?

Okay folks, I’m looking for your wisdom and insight here. I’m subscribed to the ‘Linux for Christians’ mailing list (don’t ask!). A few days ago somebody posted this article, which is about a man in America who is on a crusade to get Christian parents to take their children out of the public school system.Continue reading “Should Christians send their kids to non-Christian schools?”

Org-Mode gets footnotes!

Guess what, folks? Org-mode just got footnotes! What’s org-mode, you ask? It’s a fantastic note-taking/planning/spreadsheet/agenda making/documentation writer/outliner/budget keeping/plenty of other things for Emacs. In short, it’s hard to explain, so go and have a look for yourself. And now, you can have automatic footnotes. As I said, it’s an Emacs mode, so you need toContinue reading “Org-Mode gets footnotes!”