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  1. Greetings folks

    Not sure how I got involved with this string but I have (as usual) something to add.
    As a former Salvation Army Officer I had this situation in a number of Corps; One wasa where I was under intense pressure to suport sending our Salvo kids to a church based school, and the presure revolved around mainly If I didn’t support it I was not being a christian. However over a number of years I had seen and I knew of a few kids who had been through Christian Schoold and when they went to University found it all a bit too mush to cope with and attacks on their Faith and, in my opinion, it suffered badly.
    Two Corps later when I was at a Corps where, strangely we had the largest congregation in town, where it was like ‘Congress’ every Sunday, and I was also President of the Ministers Fraternal, I had the local pastor of the Assembly of God congregation on my doorstep ‘demanding’ that I sign a document that would support their bid for government funding to start a ‘Christian School’ for the city/area. When I refused he wanted to take me to the Ministers Fraternal for dereliction of duty etc etc. It b ecame very messy.
    Ther outcome of this was that I wanted my kids who were at the local Government/Public High and Prtimary schools to grow up leraning what their faith was about in the hurly burley of real life rather that being closeted in na hot house ‘christian’ atmosphere and then to have it all fall apart when they headed off to tertiary studies.
    AT the time the Governing Body of the local high school had five places up for election from the community. I proposed that if people felt that the Government systemn was not up to scratch then they should stand for election and be able to work for change, promote Christian Principles etc from within the system; rather than run away and complain from the outside.

    Over a period of a few months 3 of the 5 positions were occupied by committed Christians from the various churches in the area. Although I needed a another committee like a whole in the head I was happy to have input into this area of the Community. Faith is nothing if it does not affect the community. Isolation and seperation do very little for the promotion of the Christian Faith in the community.
    We all have an opinion……

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