Hello? Is anyone there?

Well… yeah. It’s been nearly three years since I last graced these pages with an update. Time flies when you’re having fun!

A lot’s happened in that time. For one, I’m no longer a Salvation Army officer, and whilst I still love the idea of what the Army was about, I cannot in good conscience call myself a Salvationist whilst certain policies remain in place. Perhaps I’ll tell that story one day.

These days you’ll find me in a variety of roles. I’m heavily involved in the education system here in South Australia. I work as a School Support Officer (think teacher’s assistant) in a smallish school a few km out of Mount Gambier. I teach brass one day a week at another school in Mount Gambier. My main occupation, and the one I write down on surveys if I’m asked, is Student Teacher. I’m currently about a year through the Charles Darwin University Masters of Teaching program. I’m hoping to graduate in about twelve months’ time and then I will presumably start work as an actual, real-life teacher of children.

Anyway, that actually brings me to the point of the resurrection of this blog. One of my subjects requires me to choose and research an element of mathematical history and present my findings in blog form. So over the next few days there will be a few posts looking at the history of the number zero. I’m going to go from blogging nothing to blogging about nothing.

This particular subject is actually more exciting than it sounds. But in case you’re wanting more, I’m also required to interview someone who uses mathematics in their profession, so you’re going to find out what makes senior public servants giddy with delight!

Anyways, if anyone is actually reading this, please stick around and leave a few comments telling my lecturer how awesome and informative you find the series. It will be greatly appreciated!

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