Reprise: Should Christians send their kids to non-Christian schools?

A few months ago I asked the question: Should Christians send their kids to non-Christian schools? I also asked the same question around Facebook and continued the conversation on the mailing list I mentioned. The discussion was quite eye-opening. Generally speaking, there were three types of responses. First, there were the Christians who are stronglyContinue reading “Reprise: Should Christians send their kids to non-Christian schools?”

Of stones and ants

Before I was an officer I went to a church in an area with many ‘halfway houses’ for people who had recently been released from psychiatric institutions. Given that a lot of those institutions had been closed down recently, and the residents just turned out on the street with little thought for their ongoing care,Continue reading “Of stones and ants”

Myth and revelation

There’s been an interesting discussion going on on Scot McKnight’s blog about the problems evolutionary theory presents for traditional Christian theology. I won’t go into the details, but the idea is that if there was no literal Adam and Eve, how should we understand the Fall? What are the consequences for the doctrine of OriginalContinue reading “Myth and revelation”