Repaying a curse

I was at a meeting of various Christians this week and one of the guys made an interesting comment. It turns out, he said, that the main difference between the Vietnam War and the wars that had gone on before it was that American (and presumably Australian) troops were cursed by Buddhist monks when theyContinue reading “Repaying a curse”

Studying for the right test

A few days ago I mentioned an ongoing discussion I was having on a mailing list with regards to public versus Christian schooling. As so often happens, that conversation ran its course, but several others popped up in the meantime. We had a creationism vs evolution debate, a thread about whether or not Barack ObamaContinue reading “Studying for the right test”

My New Year’s Resolution

I’ve been thinking about what I should resolve for the New Year. Let’s see… I could probably lose a bit of weight. However, I’ve lost 10kg in the last year, and I’m still eating healthier food and working out several times a week. Let’s call that one retrospective. I don’t think I had it onContinue reading “My New Year’s Resolution”

Sin managment versus Love management

John Smulo had an interesting post up today asking why abortion and homosexuality seem to be such hot political topics amongst Christians, almost to the exclusion of all else. It’s a great post, and I suggest you have a read. The thing that caught my attention, though, was one of the comments. Kay writes: I’mContinue reading “Sin managment versus Love management”