How do we deal with adherents of other religions?

Adam Walker-Cleaveland of pomomusings has been running a series of posts called ‘Plurality 2.0.’ Each post has been contrinuted by a guest author. I’ll admit that I haven’t really followed the series, but I was struck by a comment made by the most recent contributor, Brian McLaren: Of course there‚Äôs a place and time forContinue reading “How do we deal with adherents of other religions?”

The Burial of Jesus—a review

Some time ago I received a review copy of James F. McGrath’s book The Burial of Jesus. Professor McGrath is associate professor of religion at Butler University, specialising in history and biblical studies. The book sets out to look at the burial and resurrection of Jesus using the standard toolkit of the modern historian. ItContinue reading “The Burial of Jesus—a review”