SA101–a quick review

One of the jobs I have as a Salvation Army officer is training people to be Salvation Army soldiers. It’s an important task, and one that I want to get right. Whilst such training continues for the whole time I am involved with the (prospective) soldier, there is a formal element. People who wish toContinue reading “SA101–a quick review”

Enough with the Bible Already

Adam Walker Cleaveland has a provocative piece up today about the way way Christians should deal with homosexuals. From the article: For some, I believe the Bible has become an idol. Some place the Bible above Jesus’ compassion and love, Jesus’ radical inclusivity, and hold steadfast onto what they believe to be the correct interpretationContinue reading “Enough with the Bible Already”

A few interesting links

I don’t have too much to say today, but there’s been a few interesting things going on in the blogosphere. There’s a good discussion at theRubicon about the place of married women officers in the Salvation Army. From its very earliest days women have been able to fill all positions in the organisation, but itContinue reading “A few interesting links”

Which translation do you use?

Scot McKnight has posted the first part of a blog-series addressing the question, ‘Which Bible translation is the best?’ The answer, as you’ll find out if you go and have a look, is ‘depends on what you’re using it for.’ There’s some good advice in there, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest ofContinue reading “Which translation do you use?”

The Bible and inerrancy

There’s a bit of a discussion brewing over at the Rubicon about the term ‘inerrant’ and how it applies to the Bible. It stemmed from an off-topic conversation that got started on a post a few weeks ago (you’ll have to go throught the comments to find the discussion.) It turns out we Salvationists haveContinue reading “The Bible and inerrancy”

Thank God for a fallible Bible

Huh, wouldn’t you know it. I just posted about how I wish God would have made the message of the Bible a lot more obvious, and wouldn’t you know it, James F. McGrath puts up a post thanking God for a fallible Bible. It’s the perfect answer to my cry for simplicity: Perhaps, rather thanContinue reading “Thank God for a fallible Bible”

The Bible doesn’t say…

I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where we’re discussing some deep point of theology, and somebody will will try to slap you down with, ‘Well, the Bible says…’ Of course, 99% of the time the perfect answer doesn’t strike until the conversation’s over. There’s not much you can do about it, except go homeContinue reading “The Bible doesn’t say…”