The Bible and inerrancy

There’s a bit of a discussion brewing over at the Rubicon about the term ‘inerrant’ and how it applies to the Bible. It stemmed from an off-topic conversation that got started on a post a few weeks ago (you’ll have to go throught the comments to find the discussion.) It turns out we Salvationists have a few different ideas about what we mean when we say the Bible is ‘true’ and ‘given by inspiration of God.’

Somebody suggested the subject would be good fodder for a whole article. The editorial staff obviously agreed and must expect a bit of excitement: they even sent an email out today alerting people to the upcoming discussion.

Is it a sacred text inspired by the mind of God, reflective of his relationship with us…

Is it a detailed, word-perfect presentation of his thoughts and will…

Or is it something else altogether?

Check out tomorrow’s posting on theRubicon for one considered opinion on the matter.

I’ve already made my contribution to the conversation, although the comment is being held over for moderation. If you have anything to add, why not head over and join in?

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