If only…

Today I came across the wonderful story of a mega church that decided it was time to stop worrying about buildings and programmes and start concentrating on the people it wanted to serve. This has to be one of the most inspiring things I’ve read in ages. Hiam [the pastor] is now more aware ofContinue reading “If only…”

What do we mean by ‘uniform?’

A few weeks ago I wrote about the place of the uniform within the Salvation Army. I suggested that whilst the uniform is supposed to be a public statement of our intention to take the Gospel to the world, it has become a sign of adherence to Salvation Army culture and an important tool inContinue reading “What do we mean by ‘uniform?’”

A few thoughts about uniform wearing

One day I was at home working on my message for Sunday’s meeting when the phone rang. Trudy had forgotten to take her lunch in to the office and she was hoping I could take five minutes to run it up to her. So I picked up her lunch, got in the car, and deliveredContinue reading “A few thoughts about uniform wearing”