How do we deal with adherents of other religions?

Adam Walker-Cleaveland of pomomusings has been running a series of posts called ‘Plurality 2.0.’ Each post has been contrinuted by a guest author. I’ll admit that I haven’t really followed the series, but I was struck by a comment made by the most recent contributor, Brian McLaren: Of course there’s a place and time forContinue reading “How do we deal with adherents of other religions?”

A Generous Orthodoxy (Part 3)

Finally, we get into the book proper! It’s entitled ‘The Seven Jesuses I Have Known’ and is a bit of a summary of McLaren faith journey over the years. McLaren has been influenced by various expressions of Christianity over the years, and each of them have taught something about Jesus or an aspect of followingContinue reading “A Generous Orthodoxy (Part 3)”

A Generous Orthodoxy (Part 2)

It’s been over a week since I promised to start blogging my way through Brian McLaren’s book, ‘A  Generous Orthodoxy.’ Sorry about the delay in posting. I’ll try to make amends over the next few days. Today, I want to have a look at the introduction, entitled ‘A Generous Refund.’ The chapter is a warningContinue reading “A Generous Orthodoxy (Part 2)”

A Generous Orthodoxy (Part 1)

I’ve heard a lot around the traps about Brian McLaren’s book, A Generous Orthodoxy. The views are pretty polarised — people either gush about it or want to organise a book burning with McLaren’s still-kicking body as the fuel. I’ve heard recordings of McLaren speak, and as far as I can tell a lot ofContinue reading “A Generous Orthodoxy (Part 1)”