Sunday Sermon, The Visit of the Magi

I’ve been wanting to start recording my sermons for a while. I don’t actually write anything down, so having some sort of a record of what I said for future reference would be useful. I also get a few requests from corps folk for recordings. So a few weeks ago the corps bought a smallContinue reading “Sunday Sermon, The Visit of the Magi”

A late Christmas present

One of my favourite podcasts is The Drabblecast, which features short fiction and a heap of other other whacky and unusual stuff. The Drabblecast is produced by the multi-talented Norm Sherman. As well as doing some incredible voice work on a few projects, he’s a half-decent singer/songwriter with a flair for the less than normalContinue reading “A late Christmas present”

Church boycotts carol service over popular hymn

HYMNALS STARTED TO FLY when Brokeback Community Church, situated in the town of Colac in Victoria, Australia, decided to boycott a local community carol service because organisers insisted on singing a controversial verse in the song ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing.’ The church, which is a vocal critic of the idea of same-sex marriage, believesContinue reading “Church boycotts carol service over popular hymn”

Wait—it’s Christmas!

Christmas is a time for many things, but I’ll always associate it with waiting. It starts back in September, when the Fathers’ Day displays disappear and shops begin to fill with Christmas merchandise. So we say, ‘That can wait.’ December comes along. The kids, surrounded by glitzy ads ask for more and more, and weContinue reading “Wait—it’s Christmas!”

Cameron’s top ten Christmas songs

Over the last three weeks I’ve been to a huge number of carol services, carol sing-a-longs, Christmas parties involving the heavy use of carols, Christmas concerts and, of course, church on the four Sundays of Advent. I can cope with the busy-ness of Christmas. For musical reasons I’m over it for 2008. Still, while atContinue reading “Cameron’s top ten Christmas songs”

A meeting of the Heavenly Host

This is a piece I wrote for a corps newsletter a few years ago, and it’s also appeared in the OnFire magazine. It’s just sitting wasted on my hard drive right now, so I thought I’d release it to the world! Once upon a time, about two thousand years ago, the Captains of the HeavenlyContinue reading “A meeting of the Heavenly Host”

Some Christmas reading

Tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent, which means I’ll be preaching Christmassy sermons for a while. I don’t mind that. I love Christmas. I really like thinking about the Christmas story. The Christmas story is principally found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. They tell very different stories, and I don’t think theContinue reading “Some Christmas reading”