Sunday Sermon, The Visit of the Magi

I’ve been wanting to start recording my sermons for a while. I don’t actually write anything down, so having some sort of a record of what I said for future reference would be useful. I also get a few requests from corps folk for recordings. So a few weeks ago the corps bought a small recorder we could plug into the sounddesk, and it works really quite well.

I haven’t done a lot of processing—just tidy up the beginning and end, run a noise removal filter, and that’s about it. I might try getting fancy later on, but in the meantime, I’m sure this will suffice. Eventually I want to be able to set it up as a podcast, get a proper web host and so one but one thing at a time!

Oh, apologies for the file size. I’m going to fiddle with a few settings to get the size down a bit in the future.

This sermon is based on Matthew 2:13–23.

The visit of the Magi


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