A late Christmas present


One of my favourite podcasts is The Drabblecast, which features short fiction and a heap of other other whacky and unusual stuff.

The Drabblecast is produced by the multi-talented Norm Sherman. As well as doing some incredible voice work on a few projects, he’s a half-decent singer/songwriter with a flair for the less than normal in his songs.

I’ve never blogged about the Drabblecast before, but the most recent episode—which came out a few days ago—was a fantastic example of what listeners can expect, and I liked it so much I thought I’d better tell someone.

This week’s episode consists of a song by Norm, especially written for Christmas. It’s called The Government Saves Christmas. If you’ve shaken your head at the way the US Government has spared no expense in bailing out the people who caused the economic mess we’re in, and you like Christmas, you’ll appreciate this song.

The story is called On Dasher and is by Jonathon C. Gillespie. It’s a touching story about a reindeer who needed to be performance managed.

You can get this week’s episode here (41 MB mp3 file — right click and save it to your machine if you want. Go on, Norm won’t mind!) or subscribe to the podcast.

Go on, it’s Christmas!

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