Hubble and Christmas Part Two

I thought yesterday’s post was all I’d have to say on the Hubble Space Telescope and Christmas, but I was wrong. If you go to the Hubble site you can get some jaw-droppingly gorgeous Christmas cards. What’s more, they’re free to download, print, and send to all and sundry.

Carina Nebula
Carina Nebula
Infant Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Infant Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Celestial Fireworks
Celestial Fireworks

(Thanks, James F. McGrath!)

6 thoughts on “Hubble and Christmas Part Two

  1. Wow! Those are amazing. And free? If my wife were not making cards, I’d look into that. I’ll definitely tell others about them.


  2. Hey Cameron, I’ve never commented on your site before… and was led here because of john smulo’s “blog comment day”. Good stuff here. Thanks for the link to the Hubble photos… It’s amazing how the wonder of the universe causes us to sit in awe of the Creator.

  3. Thanks for all the comments guys!

    I’m a little disappointed with myself—a whole heap of things went wrong yesterday, and I just didn’t have time to find a few blogs worth commenting on. I made exactly one comment and posted one entry.

    I’m guessing it’s still December 3 in some parts of the world, so I hope this comment counts!

  4. The glory of Gods’ creation seen via the Hubble telescope is wonderful. How did the light travel all the way from galaxies hundreds of thousands of light years away in just 6000 years ? Either its like the the miracle of the Juniper bushes, or God is playing one big trick on us, or the universe is billions of years old. Guess which I believe ?

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