Missional Tribe launches

Missional TribeI’ve been watching the buzz over the last few days about the new Missional Tribe network. It finally launched today, and there seems to be a bit going on.

So what is it? Well, it’s hard to say exactly. Very broadly, it’s about being the disciples Jesus called us to be in the world he created. And it’s a network, so it’s all about sharing ideas, stories and support.

From the site:

… offers a collaborative space to connect people and generate an accepting, supportive community that intentionally seeks for diversity.

… fosters dialogue in a respectful environment and gathers grassroots stories for mutual encouragement, teaching, and support.

… focuses on serving practitioners through resources, ideas, and stories from the front lines of incarnational engagement and radical transformation.

… shares the nitty-gritty of living our faith and sharing our life in order to break anyone’s sense of isolation on this journey, especially when a virtual support network may be the only community currently available.

… creates an “evergreen” space to capture and continue the collective wisdom of those seeking to pursue Christlikeness, stewarding it in ways that will keep it accessible beyond the first generation of participants.

… encourages using the website as a social space for befriending people of similar (or opposite!) interests, as a discussion space for interactive learning, and as an archive space for links and materials that might otherwise be forgotten.

… engages in discussion of any topic about the missional journey, with a minimum of gate keeping and oversight to maintain it as a safe place for all so that nothing would be off limits except for bullying or belittling others.

… celebrates both individual and communal expressions of a missional paradigm, and constantly seeks to broaden its demographic reach because of its commitment to embrace and learn from the diversity in Christ’s Kingdom.

… it’s not about methods, but about our paradigm and lifestyle.

… it’s not about polishing theory or theology in attempts to get it perfect, but about our movement forward in our practice of a missional lifestyle.

… it’s not about control or ownership by the few, but about empowering each of us to participate responsibly.

… it’s not about celebrities, but about us as everyday disciples.

This has the potential to be a very valuable thing. I’m involved in many online communities, Christian and otherwise, but none of them set out specifically to help me (and enlist my help) be a better disciple of Jesus.

Why not pop over and have a look? Networks are only as good as their members, so if you think you’ve got anything to contribute (or even if you don’t) why not have a look?

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