Org-Mode gets footnotes!

Guess what, folks? Org-mode just got footnotes!

What’s org-mode, you ask? It’s a fantastic note-taking/planning/spreadsheet/agenda making/documentation writer/outliner/budget keeping/plenty of other things for Emacs. In short, it’s hard to explain, so go and have a look for yourself. And now, you can have automatic footnotes.

GNU Emacs
GNU Emacs
As I said, it’s an Emacs mode, so you need to have Emacs installed (and running, d’uh) to use it. What’s Emacs? Well, it’s a text editor that has been, umm, extended over time, so that it contains a lot of extra functionality. Out of the box you get two IRC clients, several mail clients, tetris, a web browser, a psychoanalyst… oh heck. If you want to see what Emacs is, does and can do, have a look at some of the links on the Emacs wiki.

I do a lot of my stuff in it. I use it to write music, hang out on IRC, MSN and Jabber, I sometimes blog from it, I sometimes tweet from it, I write my sermons with it, I write novels and short stories in it, not to mention essays and other scholarly things. If there’s one piece of software I’d want if marooned on a desert island, it’s Emacs.

And yes, I am aware that I get excited about the strangest things.

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