Mark Sayers: A theology of luxury

Marks Sayers has an interesting post up about what he calls a ‘theology of luxury.’ So what is behind this global desire for Luxury? I was recently listening to a forum on the BBC world service and one of the contributors noted that Luxury today operates as a kind of religion. Luxury items are itemsContinue reading “Mark Sayers: A theology of luxury”

Vision versus the people

We’ve heard a lot in the Army world over the last few years about the importance of vision and having clear plans and goals for the future. I enjoy that style of thinking, and their seem to be a lot of examples in the Bible. Still, it can become stultifying. It’s very easy to sacrificeContinue reading “Vision versus the people”

What do we mean by ‘uniform?’

A few weeks ago I wrote about the place of the uniform within the Salvation Army. I suggested that whilst the uniform is supposed to be a public statement of our intention to take the Gospel to the world, it has become a sign of adherence to Salvation Army culture and an important tool inContinue reading “What do we mean by ‘uniform?’”

Church growth: God gets an ‘F’

There’s an idea floating around the Army—and the wider church—that says that if churches aren’t growing the pastor needs to be replaced. I like to call this ‘oikonomic rationalism’—don’t worry if you don’t get the joke! Tom in the Box is a parody site that likes to poke a bit of fun at trends inContinue reading “Church growth: God gets an ‘F’”

Scattered around the blogosphere…

Here are a few links I’ve been meaning to post but haven’t. Enjoy! Keith Giles asks why Christians seem to prefer the wrtings of Paul to the sayings of Jesus. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the Gospels lately, and I’m amazed at how much of Jesus’ teaching I didn’t know. The nakedContinue reading “Scattered around the blogosphere…”

Rethinking church leadership

I came across two articles lately at the excellent Out of Ur blog. The first looks at the ways churches get around the logistical problems of teaching larger and larger congregations. One of the popular ways is to set up congregations at different sites and stream the sermon/service/lecture/whatever in by video. This is being trialledContinue reading “Rethinking church leadership”