A New Christian Manifesto

Obery Hendricks has a fantastic post up over at God’s Politics called A New Christian Manifesto. It’s American, but it succinctly wraps up a lot of what I think the Church in Australia should really be on about. Jesus did not establish bureaucratic institutions, weekly social gatherings, or houses of religious entertainment. He started aContinue reading “A New Christian Manifesto”

What sort of Christian are you?

I don’t like labels very much. Sure, they can be useful. Humans seem to have this insatiable desire to understand the world, and that often means categorising things. Saying what an object is also gives us information about what it isn’t. The problem is that labels always simplify the thing we’re trying to describe. That’sContinue reading “What sort of Christian are you?”

The Bible and inerrancy

There’s a bit of a discussion brewing over at the Rubicon about the term ‘inerrant’ and how it applies to the Bible. It stemmed from an off-topic conversation that got started on a post a few weeks ago (you’ll have to go throught the comments to find the discussion.) It turns out we Salvationists haveContinue reading “The Bible and inerrancy”

Soup, soap and salvation

In those golden days before we all had mission statements the Salvation Army summed up its Raison d’ĂȘtre as ‘soup, soap and salvation.’ The Army’s always preferred pragmatism to deep theology, and I think this is as good a summary of what it is we do as I’ve heard anywhere. In fact, I’ve heard peopleContinue reading “Soup, soap and salvation”

Thank God for a fallible Bible

Huh, wouldn’t you know it. I just posted about how I wish God would have made the message of the Bible a lot more obvious, and wouldn’t you know it, James F. McGrath puts up a post thanking God for a fallible Bible. It’s the perfect answer to my cry for simplicity: Perhaps, rather thanContinue reading “Thank God for a fallible Bible”

The Bible doesn’t say…

I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where we’re discussing some deep point of theology, and somebody will will try to slap you down with, ‘Well, the Bible says…’ Of course, 99% of the time the perfect answer doesn’t strike until the conversation’s over. There’s not much you can do about it, except go homeContinue reading “The Bible doesn’t say…”

NT Wright on the Colbert report

NT Wright is one of my favourite theologians. What’s more, he’s also a bishop in the Anglican church. I came across an interview he did with Stephen Colbert, one of America’s best (and funniest) social commentators today. The interview, which seems to be a promo for Wright’s new book Surprised by Hope was really quiteContinue reading “NT Wright on the Colbert report”

Salvation and other religions

There’s been an interesting discussion going on lately over at TCSpeak, the blog of our Territorial Commander, Jim Knaggs. The discussion has little to do with the blog post, but a frequent contributor makes an odd observation. Dave writes: According to Billy Graham, people of all faiths, or of no faith, may end up inContinue reading “Salvation and other religions”