‘Tis the season to be sneaky

Okay, ‘sneaky’s’ probably not the right word. David Malki of Wondermark has an idea—why not send your left over Christmas cards to total strangers? He recognises there are risks involved, for the person receiving the card as well as sending it. And you’ll probably never know what the effect of the surprise will be. Still,Continue reading “‘Tis the season to be sneaky”

What real evangelism looks like

A few of my readers would be familiar with Penn Jillette, a gifted illusionist and very outspoken skeptic and atheist. You might have caught his late-night show ‘Bullshit’ (hey, I didn’t name the show!). If you’ve seen the aforementioned show you’d know he can be a little, um, abrasive. That, and the fact that he’sContinue reading “What real evangelism looks like”

Enough with the Bible Already

Adam Walker Cleaveland has a provocative piece up today about the way way Christians should deal with homosexuals. From the article: For some, I believe the Bible has become an idol. Some place the Bible above Jesus’ compassion and love, Jesus’ radical inclusivity, and hold steadfast onto what they believe to be the correct interpretationContinue reading “Enough with the Bible Already”

So… what really happened at Christmas?

Tom in the Box is reporting about a nativity scene in the US that has been judged to be non-Christian and therefore suitable for use on state property. In a written statement, Reasoning explained, “Most scenes have no Biblical support, including (1) Mary’s riding on a donkey, (2) the appearance of an innkeeper, (3) theContinue reading “So… what really happened at Christmas?”

In the beginning…

Here are a couple of things to get you thinking about God’s relationship to the universe. Please bear in mind that these are meant to get you thinking. They’re not an attempt at systematic theology. First, a video (thanks, N.T. Wrong!) There is some minor profanity in the video, so don’t let your kids watchContinue reading “In the beginning…”

Losing weight—a waste of time?

A few months ago I realised I needed to lose weight. Now I wasn’t huge or anything, but I did realise that if I didn’t change my diet and/or begin to exercise I would probably end up with a few health problems in the not-so-distant future. So I started walking more often and took moreContinue reading “Losing weight—a waste of time?”

Some Christmas reading

Tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent, which means I’ll be preaching Christmassy sermons for a while. I don’t mind that. I love Christmas. I really like thinking about the Christmas story. The Christmas story is principally found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. They tell very different stories, and I don’t think theContinue reading “Some Christmas reading”

Twitter of Faith

Adam Cleaveland at pomomusings is soon to be ordained. Part of the ordination process involves submitting a page long ‘statement of faith’ summarising Adam’s take on what he believes. While he was thinking about this, he asked Twitter for advice. If you don’t know what Twitter is, you can get a good description here. InContinue reading “Twitter of Faith”