What real evangelism looks like

A few of my readers would be familiar with Penn Jillette, a gifted illusionist and very outspoken skeptic and atheist. You might have caught his late-night show ‘Bullshit’ (hey, I didn’t name the show!).

If you’ve seen the aforementioned show you’d know he can be a little, um, abrasive. That, and the fact that he’s 198 cm (6′ 6″) and 140 kg (300 lbs) means that he’s not the sort of guy you’d just walk up to and hand a Bible to. No, you’d probably walk past him and start haranguing his cat instead.

Well, one guy didn’t. As you will see in the video below, Jillette’s reaction wasn’t quite what you’d expect. And there’s a lesson in there for anyone who believes it’s their mission to evangelise. It’s… well, you figure it out.

(Thanks Tony Jones!)

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