Church growth: God gets an ‘F’

There’s an idea floating around the Army—and the wider church—that says that if churches aren’t growing the pastor needs to be replaced. I like to call this ‘oikonomic rationalism’—don’t worry if you don’t get the joke!

Tom in the Box is a parody site that likes to poke a bit of fun at trends in the church. Today’s post suggests that God may, in fact, be looking at losing his job.

After taking a close look at the situation, we have come to the sad conclusion that God just isn’t very good at saving people. He wants everyone to be saved, in fact that is His will. However, He can’t seem to bring this about. He only accomplishes His goal about 10-20% of the time. Because of that, we have decided that God deserves a grade of ‘F’ when it comes to salvation.


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