Toilet Tissue Issues

I just came across this on my hard drive. I wrote it years ago when our church seemed to be using toilet paper far more quickly than we would have expected. Toilet Tissue Issues We have had a few problems over recent weeks with the amount of toilet paper being used. Unless we get aContinue reading “Toilet Tissue Issues”

How do we deal with adherents of other religions?

Adam Walker-Cleaveland of pomomusings has been running a series of posts called ‘Plurality 2.0.’ Each post has been contrinuted by a guest author. I’ll admit that I haven’t really followed the series, but I was struck by a comment made by the most recent contributor, Brian McLaren: Of course there’s a place and time forContinue reading “How do we deal with adherents of other religions?”

Without Fear And Trembling

James McGrath of Exploring our Matrix has a few ideas that aren’t generally appreciated by some of the more conservative members of the evangelical church. One of the commenters on his blog recently dobbed him in to his pastor. McGrath doesn’t make much of the condescension implied (“If you don’t stop writing such silly things,Continue reading “Without Fear And Trembling”