Nigerian wedding scam?

I just received one of the most creative 419 style spams I think I’ve ever received. Given the nature of my occupation I actually thought it might be real for the first sentence or so. If I were Catholic and lived in England, I may well have fallen for it!


I am Martin Vrzal, I will like to make a wedding booking on the 5th
September 2009. I will like to know if you can handle the wedding
arrangements/planning for the couple.

The details of the wedding are as follows:
Names of couples:William Walsh and Linda Gardener

Religion: Christians ( Catholics)
Nationality : British
Date of the wedding: 5th of September, 2009
Type of wedding: Social
Number of Invited Guests: Maximum of 30 persons.
venue of the wedding: Catholic Church
reception Venue: Suggested by you
Time of wedding: Suggested by you
You will provide: Videographer and photographer if convenient for you.
Every other necessary details will be forwarded to you as soon as they
are available. Please Let me know the deposit to be paid so as to have
you booked for that, details will be forwarded to you as soon as they
are available.

Please Let me know the deposit to be paid so as to have you booked for that day.
Mode of payment: via credit card.
Your swift response shall be well appreciated.

Warm regards,
Mr. Martin Vrzal
40 Murrayfield Avenue ,
Edinburgh , EH12 6 AY, Scotland

2 thoughts on “Nigerian wedding scam?

  1. Funny thing…I received at least 3 of these. Just as you said, I would have fallen for it. I took it as far as I could to actually see what they were looking for and then ended it. It’s crazy. People really need to be aware of this.

  2. Yes I received the wedding booking including what kind of cake, an evangelical protestant wedding blessing for 50 people for a Shawn Lennon and Rita Smith. I even received a cheque from Marigold Health Foods Ltd in the UK for over 4000 pounds when I only asked for 1000 eu deposit. Luckily my bank mislaid the cheque and so it never got into the account. I was then asked to book the deposit on his credit card and also to include the price of the private plane and pay the company from my account. That was when I became even more suspicious and did more research. Luckily no money was lost.

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