Enough with the Bible Already

Adam Walker Cleaveland has a provocative piece up today about the way way Christians should deal with homosexuals. From the article: For some, I believe the Bible has become an idol. Some place the Bible above Jesus’ compassion and love, Jesus’ radical inclusivity, and hold steadfast onto what they believe to be the correct interpretationContinue reading “Enough with the Bible Already”

So… what really happened at Christmas?

Tom in the Box is reporting about a nativity scene in the US that has been judged to be non-Christian and therefore suitable for use on state property. In a written statement, Reasoning explained, “Most scenes have no Biblical support, including (1) Mary’s riding on a donkey, (2) the appearance of an innkeeper, (3) theContinue reading “So… what really happened at Christmas?”

In the beginning…

Here are a couple of things to get you thinking about God’s relationship to the universe. Please bear in mind that these are meant to get you thinking. They’re not an attempt at systematic theology. First, a video (thanks, N.T. Wrong!) There is some minor profanity in the video, so don’t let your kids watchContinue reading “In the beginning…”

A few interesting links

I don’t have too much to say today, but there’s been a few interesting things going on in the blogosphere. There’s a good discussion at theRubicon about the place of married women officers in the Salvation Army. From its very earliest days women have been able to fill all positions in the organisation, but itContinue reading “A few interesting links”

Losing weight—a waste of time?

A few months ago I realised I needed to lose weight. Now I wasn’t huge or anything, but I did realise that if I didn’t change my diet and/or begin to exercise I would probably end up with a few health problems in the not-so-distant future. So I started walking more often and took moreContinue reading “Losing weight—a waste of time?”