A fuller gospel

Scot McKnight has just started a series of posts on ‘the Kingdom Gospel.’ In the first of the series we read Many readers of the Bible read the whole Bible through the lens of the gospel they believe and this is what that gospel looks like: God loves you and has a wonderful plan forContinue reading “A fuller gospel”

Without Fear And Trembling

James McGrath of Exploring our Matrix has a few ideas that aren’t generally appreciated by some of the more conservative members of the evangelical church. One of the commenters on his blog recently dobbed him in to his pastor. McGrath doesn’t make much of the condescension implied (“If you don’t stop writing such silly things,Continue reading “Without Fear And Trembling”

Reprise: Should Christians send their kids to non-Christian schools?

A few months ago I asked the question: Should Christians send their kids to non-Christian schools? I also asked the same question around Facebook and continued the conversation on the mailing list I mentioned. The discussion was quite eye-opening. Generally speaking, there were three types of responses. First, there were the Christians who are stronglyContinue reading “Reprise: Should Christians send their kids to non-Christian schools?”